Tee Torre Therapeutics
Practices Massage in Dallas and Innovation in Deep Tissue Massage
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Drawing from her extensive therapeutic massage studies and massage therapy criteria, Tee Torre, a licensed massage therapist in Dallas set out to create a highly effective and extremely unique therapeutic massage. 

"As a person who travels frequently and has massage done on himself regularly, I find Ms. Torre's work to be some of the best I've received in the United States." A.Greenwich

Peter Yarrow of the famous Peter, Paul and Mary is one of Tee's massage therapy clients and has said, "You have remarkable hands and a loving heart... all of which I found as healing and caring as any such experience I can remember."

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Tee Torre specializes in therapeutic massage, hot rock massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage & medical massage.
Tee Torre Therapeutics formerly Tee Torre Company is a Licensed Massage Therapist in Dallas, Texas.
Tee Torre Therapeutics - 3636 Dickason Suite 1 Dallas Texas 75219  469.260.6432

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